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Monday, April 30th, 2007

It’s Monday morning and the weekend was fairly uneventful. I took my medicines as required. I found that sleep has been inconsistent. Friday night I fell asleep quickly but then was awake from 1:30 -3. I seem to have more pain later in the evening. Starts up about 9-10 and lasts till 3 or 4. Then it seems to pass so I can get a couple of hours of sleep. Sat. I slept most of the night and then Sunday I was awake until 3 and then fell asleep.

My stiffness and swelling hasn’t changed much though I do find the pain more tolerable and there are a couple of hours in the day where I actually feel pretty good. We went to a wedding on Sat. and they had us standing through the wedding ceremony I started to feel uncomfortable about half way through and was very annoyed that I couldn’t just stand for 20 minutes to enjoy a beautiful moment. On the plus side I actually wore heels and made it through the whole night and had no lasting effects the next day.

On Sunday we went to a BBQ and they had a cricket bat and ball they were playing with. My husband wanted me to take a turn at bat but I was worried that i would embarrass myself. He finally convinced me to try and I found it interesting. I couldn’t really get a good swing on it to hit the ball, but I didn’t really hurt much after trying. My arms were weaker than i would like but I didn’t have any residual pain. I can’t wait to try again and actually make contact with the ball. I then particiapted in the outfield and felt really good. Even though I wasn’t running, I was moving and it felt really great. It lifted my spirits a lot. It definitely made me feel confident that after my next appt. which is tomorrow that I can safely start adding an exercise routine again and not injure myself in the process.

My Journey using Holistic medicine against rheumatoid arthitis

Friday, April 27th, 2007


Fighting this disease is quite a battle. I stumbled upon a doctor of Oriental Medicines (Holistic medicine) who has started me on a different path of treatment and a different idea of what this autoimmune disease really is.

I met her at her office 2 weeks ago and she explained to me that they don’t believe that this a disease where my body attacks itself for no reason as I have been told by my doctors. She believes and has done research for the past 20 years that there is a pathogen in the body that the immune system cannot recognize and it is searching to destroy it and in the process the joints and tissue are getting destroyed.

Simply, they believe they can rid me of this pathogen and once it is gone i should be arthritis free. They are using Kiniesiology which is a very different and edgy kind of medicine. Along with this and other homeopathic medicines i am expecting something i never believed could happen. To be well and pain free again.

We started with muscle testing which is a simple and pain free process of finding out which pathogen is in the body. Then once they determined that they did some acupressure to help relieve some of the painful symptoms and get the body prepared for getting rid of the pathogen. Again this was a pain free process. I was given some homeopathic pills for pain and immune help. These pills are put under the tongue and have no bad taste or side effects.

I didn’t feel too much difference after the 1st visit other than my muscles seemed to be more flexible. So while i was still in pain and uncomfortable it wasn’t as intense. I seemed to have a better tolerance for the pain.

My second visit was 5 days later and again we did some acupressure for the body. Trying to get the muscles in the shoulders, hands, knees, feet and neck to loosen up and stretch and allow more flexibility of movement. Then we did 5 different injections of medicine to help the body fight and get rid of the pathogen. First they took some of my blood and add it to the medicine that way it can recognize and create antibodies for the pathogen.

They then injected me with this. The first injection was quite painful. I could actually feel the medicine go down my arm. Luckily my Doctors are great and talked me through it. The next 2 injections were pain free, the 4th had a sting to it but not really painful Then one more that was painless and i was done.

Now my question was what happens now. Well, there is no formula to how the body will react other than it is going to battle the pathogen and the pathogen will fight back. She told me that the pathogen wants to live and will fight and that if I needed her I could call her any time.

So far, the first night i slept like a baby and felt fairly normal the next day. No really intense pain. As the next evening came i started getting a little achy and very tired. I went to bed and fell asleep but then woke up around 1 and was up until 4. I wasn’t too pleased about that. Again, the pain was the same. Not worse but not much better. I did notice
walking was easier though. I wasn’t limping as I will sometimes do.

Last night was awful. I started getting very achy and tired. By the time I went to bed everything hurt. My shoulders felt like someone was playing tug of war trying to pull my ams out of their sockets. I worked through it. (Basically I curled up in a fetal position and cried until I fell asleep).

The next morning to my surprise things felt pretty much the same, except my ankle was swollen and I was limping. It took longer than usual for me to get myself going once I got to work; but around noon I started to feel like a real human being again. As I write this it is getting later in the day and I am starting to feel a little stiffer and more tired. I am wondering if tonight will be another battle with my body. I just keep holding on the fact that someday soon I will be tap dancing again.

Here is a picture of me

Thursday, April 26th, 2007

Susan Bell