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Rheumatoid Memorial Day update…

Tuesday, May 29th, 2007

Well, I am happy to say that I had a very productive weekend.  I was cleaning, gardening and moving furniture etc….The cool thing is that I suffered no permanent pain.  A couple of times I had to slow down or stop and rest and then start up again.  My energy is just so different.  Instead of looking at things and saying I can’t, I look at them and go “okay, a little bit at a time”.  It is very exciting.  I believe!!

RA and Work

Thursday, May 24th, 2007

Well, I can definitely say that the stress of work can affect the body where RA is concerned.  I was doing really well over the weekend with much freedom of movement and very little pain over the weekend.  I saw Carolyn and Judy on Tuesday and we did the jmt treatment and talked more about diet and we added Calcium and Magnesium to my diet.  I take 4 teaspoons of each before bedtime.  They said it should help with muscle cramping, etc…while sleeping.

Wednesday I was so busy at work I didn’t even have time to breathe let alone write in my blog, same today but i just had to make some time.  Anyway, I overdid it a little yesterday and woke up tired and achy today; but when i think about it, considering the pain I was in in the past this is nothing.  It really is just from overworking myself.  That is very exciting to me.  That was 5 days of huge improvement in a row.  I believe!! :)

RA update

Monday, May 21st, 2007

Well, I have been very, very busy today but need to take a minute to say that I am feeling pretty good.  That doesn’t mean all my pain is gone but I am finding that there is a huge chunk of my day, basically between about 10 and 6 where I am really starting to feel good.  3 days in a row. No pain.  Weakness and my hands are still swollen etc….but the actual pain is almost non-existent.  The pain is still there in the morning and eve. as an achiness and I get very tired; but as far as I am concerned this is fantastic!!  I have also slept through every night since Friday.  I saw Carolyn and Judy on Friday and we did some jmt treatment and a lot of talk about diet and it is real important to add those fruits and vegetables, less beef, less sugar and lots of water.  So, I am keeping a food journal so we can see what my food intake is like and see if I need to supplement any vitamins to make sure that I am getting all the nutrients I need.  It is important that the body be functioning at its optimum so we can kick this pathogen out.

I am just thrilled!!  I believe :)