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RA and the weather….

Well, it has been a couple of days since i logged on.  I have been busy busy.  Work has been non-stop so there was no chance to get on then. 

I am holding up well.  Considering the amount of stress I have at work I am pleased with my progress.  I have been having much more freedom of movement and have slept straight thru the night for a full week with only a couple of exceptions.  The weather was very  rainy, esp. Saturday and I did feel it.  My hands swelled up a lot and they made things difficult.  Despite this, I was able to work thru it and spent most of the weekend cleaning the house top to bottom.  It felt so good to see things getting done and knowing I was doing it.  I overdid it a little bit but I did take breaks here and there when I tired out.  Overall I am extremely happy where I am at in my healing process.   I believe :)

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