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RA update


 It has been a little bit since I wrote.  I have been super busy at home and with work.  The good news is, I feel pretty good.  I was unable to have a Dr’s appt. last week because of an emergency and I was concerned that maybe I would go backwards.  I didn’t. 

I noticed that with the summer rains I am more swollen but the pain that usually accompanies this is more than tolerable.  This past weekend I went to an event with my husband and we walked quite a ways.  20 blocks or so there and back.  The last time I walked that far I was dying before we even got to the location and then I was able to sit for a few hours and recover and then walk back which was excruciating.  This outing I walked to the event with minimal discomfort.  Then we walked around and I also had to stand for a while and I did okay.  The standing did start to become a bit painful and uncomfortable but as soon as I started moving again I was okay.  The walk back was fine as well.  Don’t get me wrong, I needed to rest and my feet were tired when we got home but so different from the time before.  I was elated.  If anything, the Florida heat was more bothersome than walking.  I never thought to be able to say that.

 I see Carolyn and Judy tomorrow and can’t wait to tell them.  I believe.

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