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Rheumatoid Arthritis Experience

From a seminar held by Carolyn Jaffe and Judy Mellor, inventors of the Jaffe-Mellor Technique (JMT) where training was given in that technique to other holistic practitioners.

Melissa, from Seattle, Washington, had a virus that took her immune system down, and she had had a life long problems with strep infections.

Her RA started when she got a feeling in a finger and then the disease spread. Her rheumatologist spoke about an antibiotic protocol and she went that route rather than other drugs. She gave the antibiotic protocol up and underwent JMT and got better and better and better.

She also found that sugar (an inflammatory substance) and other processed foods were incriminated in the etiology of the disease.

Carolyn posited that the strep could have morphed into a mycoplasma. There are many strains of mycoplasma that could be the culprit. It takes a week for the B-cells to identify the mycoplasma. In that time the cell wall structure changes and it has another identity.

Theresa, from Pennsylvania, had Lyme disease.

Her Rheumatoid factor was > 400 ('off the wall"). She refused to take methotrexate. She went on antibiotics for six months. Her rheumatologist ordered her to go on disease modifying drugs. She didn't get a good nights' sleep for a year. She couldn't pick up wood to put in the stove. She would get her dog to do it.

She used to work on horses, but her disease prevented her from using her hands. Acupuncture and not eating sugar or meat did not help.

She is now cured thanks to JMT.

Psychological approach helped, like forgiving everybody including herself. Judy says that many people feel like their body has turned against them.

Susan was diagnosed with RA 8 years ago, after a very stressful time in her life. Three months ago she took herself off Methotrexate because of the side effects (three days of feeling ill). Methotrexate can cause liver problems after prolonged use.

Ibuprofen is still a great assistance in taking away the pain.

Carolyn says that the pathogens will strengthen themselves as the immune system strengthens itself and may become harder to dislodge.

Carolyn doesn't believe that people who are more emotionally sensitive are more susceptible to the disease. One of the seminar attendees thought that a sensitive person may live more stressful lives and thus be more likely to succumb to RA.

Jaffe-Mellor Technique (JMT)

A demonstration of JMT was done on Susan Bell. At first vials of certain substances, e.g. garlic, sugar mix etc were tucked under Susan's clothing just behind her shoulder by Judy Mellor. Carolyn Jaffe sat next to Susan touching her on her hand and acted as a conduit for Susan's answers to Judy's questions about the presence of the substance in the vial, basically what vial was on Susan at the time. A positive acknowledgment would be indicated from whether Carolyn responded to pressure from Judy's hand.

Then Judy applied the ARTHROSTIM™ Manipulator (which looks like a ray-gun) in strokes down Susan's spine. This device applies mechanical stimulation. This repetitive process continued and between applications, Judy would ask Susan about the presence of factors implicated in her disease.


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