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Thank you Allie, I now have something to show people when I'm being super useless! Is there an easy-to-use template for advising new users about the Manual of Style's policy on National varieties of English? Fortunately, there is fabric and unusual-but-cheap items, such as matchstick bamboo. MOS-JA , but due to the various style guidelines in place, I believe that this venue would provide more outside input and be able to determine a consensus that affects the whole project, rather than the treatment of just the English language in a Japanese context. I SO know the feeling. And should this be the subject of a guideline?

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God, being an adult sucks. It's like a donut, only healthy! From Hungarian Grand Prix:. Time to watch x-files for eight hours, and eat donuts on my couch all day!! Is this convention stated in any of Wikipedia's style manuals?

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There has been an annoying spread of the abuse of what it is claimed WP: If you wish to start a new discussion or revive an old one, please do so on the current talk page. The section needs clarification so that geographic hyphenated names, and other names of that kind, do not go so breezily dismissed as being left up to the imposition of Wikipedia's "style" in defiance of what the rest of the world the real world uses. I nclude the word "magazine" in your website's name and I suppose it's inevitable that folks are going to wonder if there's a handy print version available for perusal. If we consistently use en-dashes, on the other hand, then when we do use a hyphen it will reliably mean that an en-dash is not appropriate. Learn how to enable it. It's very much a WP style guideline at this point.
I look at my friends and have decided that truly Responsible Adults are about as common out there as purple unicorns; it was all a lie perpetuated by our parents in effort to get us to morph into this nearly mythical creature. Whether newspapers and encyclopaedias should have similar styles is debatable, but I think a standard should be defined in Wikipedia's Style Guide as well. The problem is that many newer users coming to a technical "daughter article", do not know where to find the mother article at the bottom. However, the government is not necessarily the same as the geographical boundaries of a city. The facial expressions you draw on your character make me burst out laughing every time. Another genius post from Allie. Except maybe sequins and a white polyester cape.

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